The first half is free

 One thing we’ve learned is apparently no one in today’s modern airports or employed in our national airline is capable on giving the complete set of information.  Perhaps it’s changes in recent security measures, or perhaps it’s that there are no more check-in agent (it’s electronic now).  In Ottawa airport one person told us we would have to collect all our bags and clear US customs in Vancouver the second person didn’t seem to know for sure and finally told us no we didn’t that our bags were checked through.  So when we arrived in Vancouver we lazily wandered around window shopping in the various concourse shop until we realized that we did in fact have to clear US immigration, due to our short stop in Honolulu.  Then  once we go through the customs agent we found a luggage carousel were our checked luggage had been doing laps for the last hour.  We grabbed 2 carts and collected said luggage expecting to go through a customs inspection in the next room only to find we actually had to put it on a new conveyor some 40 feet away from the collection point.  You’d think this was information someone would have given us somewhere along the way.
 Oh well – we did find a spa that gave 20 minute chair massages on the other side of US check point.  It figures it’d be in Vancouver but what a great idea!  Beth and I were thoroughly relaxed for the next leg of our journey.

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