Bloggers must have nothing to do

Location Ottawa airport 12:30 PM waiting to board flight AC189 to Vancouver… Over the past few months I’ve read a few blogs – specifically travel blogs and espicially about a girl in the US who is taking her second whack at travelling around the world. Now that I’ve started my own blog I’ve found it hard to force myself to update it with any kind of frequency. I was planning on writing witty anicdotes about the planning and packing stages – but here it is the trip has started and I’m writing this in an airport. Well, basically I have no time – and this is from someone who sits in front of a computer all day (working very hard I might add -between power failures and wiring misshaps- Hi Mike K. and Dave H.!). Maybe it’s the nature of travel that gives travelling bloggers the time to collect thier thoughts or more that likely it’s thier desire to have a connection with friends and family at home that pushes them to update. I know when I went to Thailand in 2002 pre-Blog universe I put together a Yahoo group and had friends and family subscribe to it as a way of sending a news letter out to those interested to tell them how my trip was going. I will endeavour to wirte something at least once every two days on this trip and post those entries whenever an internet connection presents itself – Although the $10 a day wireless at the ottawa airport is alittle too pricey for me right now – I’ll save up this entry to post once we have arrived or perhaps during our layover in Vancouver.

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