Off to Phuket

Sunday is our last day in Chiang Mai – to anyone considering a visit to Thailand I’d have to say Chiang Mai is a must see. The nature here is so beautiful and the chance to see some of the animal up close as we did with the elephants is amazing. I missed seeing the north when I was here the first time and I’m glad I made it back this time.

Off to Phuket now for some sun and recreation!!

Check out below and in the last post for some videos you can click to watch!!

More Chaing Mai pictures


Elephant video


One thought on “Off to Phuket

  1. We loved the pics, especially the video! Have showed them to family and friends and all are amazed. It’s wonderful to see you both so relaxed and clearly enjoying mahout camp. Sounds like a terrific experience. Krista said she loves elephants and would really enjoying doing it too.

    Will look forward to pics from Phuket if you have a chance.

    See you Sunday. Love Mom

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