One Night in Bangkok (OK 3)

So my flight was uneventfull beyond the usual minor delays and the brutal 20 odd hours sitting in the same position.

I checked into a hotel near the airport as Beth’s flight didn’t arrive until 10:30 AM the next morning (for those I didn’t tell – she booked seperatley as she was staying longer and I couldn’t get the same flight cheaply).

We spent the first day trying to stay up and checking into our hotel- The Atlanta bangkok- it’s cute little guest house with all the trappings from when it was built in the 50’s.  Perfect on a budget – $25 CDN for an aircon room with ensuite – cheap and cheerful as they say.  We had a bit of a wander around  and some lunch/dinner.  Around 3PM I was dead tired from the jet lag and we went back to the hotel for a “nap” which turned into a 12 hour sleep we got up and went out around 4AM to see the night flower market described in several guide books.  This is where the whole city gets it’s fresh flowers for the day – amazing place and we where the only foreigners for miles I’m sure.

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