Beautiful Sydney

 We took a hotel shuttle and dropped off our luggage at the hotel Mercure George Street Sydney.  Our room wouldn’t be ready until 11:00AM and it was 8:45AM.  We tooks a few items and my little point and shoot digital and struck off down the main drag George street towards The Rocks and the Opera house.  It was a long walk as we stopped often to window shop.  I must say it all seemed a little weird – walking around Sydney gives the impression of a mixture of downtown Toronto mixed with old montreal sprikled with a little Vancouver foleded into a big helping of driving on the wrong side of the road. 
 It took us an hour and half to stroll the length of George St all the while I don’t think it sunk in that we where actually here.  It finally became real as we set eyes on the Opera house and sydney harbour bridge for the first time – for the record it’s more off white than the  pictures I’ve seen – or atleast how I’d imagined it based on the photos I’d seen – but you’ll have to see it for yourself to know what I mean.

2 thoughts on “Beautiful Sydney

  1. Hey guys;
    Happy Birthday Beth!! Hope the trip is still fabulous – anxiously awaiting the latest update. It’s rather lonely here with you and Shelley both on the other side of the planet. Anyway, I guess you’re diving like crazy on your live aboard at the moment. Miss you, hope to talk to you soon!

  2. Chris,

    I had an odd feeling that your blog had not been updated because you had tipped over Steve Irwin’s coffin at the state funeral and have to be underwater for the rest of the trip to avoid being spotted. A quick check of the news has shown that not to be true.

    No blog updates means you must be having a blast. We are envious back here at the office. Have a few Castlemine XXXX for us.


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