Hey Danielle!! And Everyone else!

Yes.  ..To as Chris mentioned, we are terrible bloggers!  To our defense we were totally isolated out on Osprey Reef for 5 days (not even another boat in sight).  We had a great time and just completed a gruling marathon of diving (6 days at 4 dives a day!).  We are recovering nicely though and tonight we are going to attempt cooking our own dinner on the traditional Aussie BBQ…..  the only thing missing is our friends to join in the fun!



2 thoughts on “Hey Danielle!! And Everyone else!

  1. YOU’RE ALIVE!!!!! great bloggers you are!!!! By the way if you see any nice baby clothes over there……….bring some home something suitable for a May Baby.

  2. Hi Chris and Beth, it’s Nick. I am wondering what you doing. what is it like there? I like the puzzle thanks. I already did it. It’s cool. Do have a nice home? Good bye!!!!!!

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